William Porter – Scholars Caps for Universities
William Porter – Scholars Caps for Universities
Eton School Cap
A damaged Eton school cap, on display in Lanhyrock House, Cornwall

William Porter – Scholar Caps for Universities

Our framed and mounted Scholar’s Caps are an ideal way to celebrate success at University, either for sporting or academic achievement.

The Caps can be presented with either a citation from your University, a graduation photograph or with a copy of your certificate. These caps are only available in direct partnership with Universities, so if you are a current student or a member of the alumni and are interested, please speak with the University or College Graduations department.

Caps are available for current students as part of their current graduation as well as a way of honouring previous students.

For Universities or Colleges that are interested in offering our Honours Caps, we would be delighted to discuss the options available to you.